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Every provider out there talks a big game about how great they are. Why should I believe that your company is any different?

We are different because our products and services are specifically designed for performance in organic search. Additionally, we employ a proprietary phased approach that combines a superior “mouse trap” with the most powerful SEO strategy in the industry. We have seen firsthand the power of this strategy, as our SEO clients, on average, double their web traffic in just 6.8 months. The best part is, most dealerships are not using this strategy. This represents a huge opportunity for any dealer to see a significant and measurable improvement in sales, regardless where the dealership is located.

What is your “Phased Approach” and why is it better?

We have analyzed thousands of dealer websites using various SEO strategies. Most of the approaches are we come across focus all of the effort on the least important aspects of SEO, while paying little to no attention to the most important aspects of SEO!

The way to get the biggest bang for your buck out of your marketing dollars is to first start with a solid foundation built for sustainable growth, and then focus your ongoing efforts on the two most important search engine ranking factors, which alone account for 42% of search engine ranking factors. Click here for more explanation. Our research has shown conclusively that most SEO providers completely ignore these two factors. This is why most dealerships do not show up well in search despite “investing” in SEO.

Phase I:  Start with the best mouse trap

Build a website specifically designed for performance in search. This may seem obvious, but we've seen most SEO providers get this wrong.  If your website is not designed for performance in search, it is actually prohibiting you from getting the results you should be getting.

The question isn’t:  “Do you have a brand name website?”

The question is:  “Do you have a website that is built for optimum performance in search?”

At BLUSOLUTIONS, we use eight separate metrics to determine the effectiveness of a website platform. Click here to request a free analysis of your website.

Phase II:  Hit hardest in the most important places first

Phase II is basically the place to fire the “big guns” and make sure our clients saturate their market and dominate search engine results for the most relevant, research - based search phrases.

If your dealership is not coming up on the top of page one for the most-used search phrases, then don't bother worrying about the other aspects of your strategy because they won't get you the results you want. Over time, our strategy has resulted in our clients showing up at or near the top of page 1 for 50+ key search phrases. Click here to see proof.

Don't be that dealer who spends thousands of dollars on all the bells, whistles and exotic SEO strategies that sees no return on your investment. If you are neglecting the most important phase of their marketing, you simply will not see significant growth in your market share.

Phase III:  Go from good to great by targeting a select group of high volume markets in search

This phase involves getting our clients an even greater dominance in search by focusing intensely on a certain group of high volume search markets based on a proprietary research process. Our goal for these important search markets is to literally push the competition to page two by taking up as many page one spots as possible using your dealer web assets. We have cases where our client owns six of the first ten organic results on page one for the highest volume search market in a major metro area, with major portal sites like AutoTrader.com andAutos.Yahoo.com taking up two of the remaining spots. This leaves only two slots on page one for our client’s competition! Click here to see proof!

If this is the most powerful strategy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Good question. We believe that the majority of providers in the industry simply do not know how to use it, or choose not to. The strategy we employ is extremely labor intensive, and we believe most providers find it more expedient to use their resources in other ways. As a result, there are relatively few providers who utilize this strategy. We certainly did not invent or “discover” this strategy, but we have spent more than a decade perfecting it and seeing the power of it firsthand.

Sounds good, but I'm sure it is extremely expensive.

When compared with the fees dealers are paying for other strategies that deliver substandard results, our fees are very competitive. We've seen dealers pay double or triple what we charge for our entire package, and these dealers were not getting a return on their investment.

One of our prospects is a dealership paying more than $5400 per month. Not only was this dealership not dominating search results in his geographic area, it is literally throwing thousands of dollars down the drain on a strategy that had zero impact on his presence in its market. I'd like to tell you that he came on board with us, and we changed everything around for him, but that's not the case. As far as we know, he's still out there wasting a lot of money, with nothing to show for it.

We have volumes of client stories with happy endings and very satisfied clients. We're happy to share references upon request.

I'd like to get pricing information, but I do NOT want to be hounded by sales calls.

We don't like this sales technique either. Should you request pricing information from BLUSOLUTIONS for your dealership, you will not be hounded and harassed to the ends of the earth with phone calls and emails trying to sell you our service. We all know the experience of requesting more information from a company, and regretting it for months or even years afterward. When you request pricing information from us, we will simply send you the information and be available for your questions.