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Please fill out the contact form above to contact our Support team via email:


That is the one word that we want dealers to say when asked to describe BluSolutions customer service. We want to meet each dealer's individual needs by providing prompt and courteous service along with our industry leading technology solutions.

If you email our Support team, our goal is to respond to you within 1 hour at most during business hours. We may not be able to get back to everyone that quick, but we'll do our best.

What to expect:

We consider our Support processes to be a bit unconventional. You won't notice much difference, but internally, we process work flow differently than most companies. We think our culture combined with our approach to support is why our dealers feel we do a good job with customer service in general. We do want to set some expectations so you know what to expect.

Here you go:

  • We currently have 3 tiers of support (general support, production, development)
  • All support inquiries are fielded and tasked by our general support team
  • General support will assess the inquiry and either begin work or complete the task
  • If general support is not able to complete the task, it will be assigned to production
  • Production will assess the inquiry and either schedule the work in a queue, begin work, or complete the task
  • If general support is not able to complete the task, it will be assigned to development
  • The same assessment and work flow process is completed at the development level as needed
  • Our support team is available 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST Monday through Friday
  • We offer priority email and voice mail support on Saturday

Alternatively, you may use the following information if you need to contact the BluSolutions Support team via chat, phone, fax, or even regular mail:

As an alternative to email, we also offer live chat. If the button is green and says "ON", then go ahead and click the button to enter your information. Be sure and choose "Support Department" and then press submit and we will be right with you. If for some reason one of our Support advisors is not available, just leave a message and we will follow up shortly.

If you want to give us a call or need to send a fax, our numbers are to the right as well. If you need to call toll free, go right ahead. If not, help us keep yours and our other clients' costs down by using the 314 number. Thanks.

We realize that as a technology company, the thought of actually using regular mail is frightening, but it is necessary in business from time to time so we even added our address to the page.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Phone and Fax:

Main Phone: 314.450.8068
Toll Free: 866.529.4003
Fax: 888.740.4836


Attention: Support Department
BluSolutions, Inc.
PO Box 536
Waterloo, IL 62298