You can't beat the competition by doing the same thing as the competition

To be better (by definition), you have to be different.  How then, can all of these Automotive SEO Company Giants claim to be able to help you dominate search, if they are merely going to do the same thing for you that all of the other giants do for their clients? And the scariest part is - almost all of them completely ignore the two most important factors that impact your ranking in search!

Automotive SEO Company uses Links to Optimize

How Google Changed the Game

Google changed the game for Search Engine Optimization a long time ago when they stopped basing search rankings on what a business had to say about itself.  Instead, Google began placing the most emphasis on what the community has to say about each business.  Instead of placing most of the weight on page content and META data values like Title Tags, Description Tags and Keyword Tags, Google now is much more interested in how often your website and its sub pages get linked to from other websites in the community.  When another website links to your site, it is called an external link.

Don't take our word for it

In 2011, SEOmoz assembled a team of 132 SEO experts from around the globe to come up with a list of the ten most important search engine ranking factors. The panel of SEO experts determined that there are two search engine ranking factors which carry more weight (42%) than any other factor. Click here to read their 2011 article.

What your SEO provider may be missing

The top two most important factors have nothing to do with page content or META characteristics.  In fact, they have nothing to do with anything ON your website. Instead, the two most important factors completely depend on what the community has to say about your website.  Yet, most SEO providers do nothing but add page content and re-work the META data on your website.  There is nothing wrong with maximizing what you have available on your website to improve in long as that is not the only strategy you are employing.  Is your current SEO provider producing an ongoing effort to create a large quantity of high quality external links to your website and its sub pages?

The 800 lb Gorilla

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