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Paid Search Made Simple

We take the complexity out of local internet advertising. We put together in one place everything local and regional businesses need to set-up, maintain, track and analyze local internet advertising campaigns simply, affordably and comprehensively.

Dynamic Budget Allocation and Automated Keyword Selection

Our patent-pending internet marketing platform automatically identifies the best search engines and directory sites for targeting specific geographic areas and/or customers, as well as the optimal budget allocation among them. It also selects the best keywords for a business's products or services, based on their campaign budget and marketing objectives. Our platform takes care of the complex media-buying/keyword-bidding process, while providing constantly up-to-date information for campaign reporting.

State-of-the-Art Tracking and Reporting

To enable accurate campaign tracking, we link our clients' website URL to a dynamically served, campaign-specific "proxy" site. We also set up campaign-specific phone numbers and email addresses that forward inquiries to existing contact points. These proxies create a digital "paper trail" that provides a previously unattainable level of lead tracking and highly detailed campaign reporting. No changes are needed on the client's website; we do all of the tracking on our end.

Real-time, ROI-based Campaign Optimization

We are able to measure and improve the results we drive for our clients' businesses by using sophisticated website, phone and email tracking, and call-recording information. This advertising platform is designed to be constantly "learning". Based on the output from our proprietary campaign tracking and management tools, the system automatically optimizes campaigns when they are running to ensure the best possible results for clients advertising through the platform.

With the right strategy, paid search can be an excellent way to reach potential buyers. Contact a Search Expert at BluSolutions today to find out if a Paid Search Campaign is right for you!

Here are some additional features to consider:

  • Keyword Generation
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Monthly Campaign Budget Recommendations
  • Keyword Bid Optimization
  • ROI & Lead Reporting
  • and many more . . .

(* NOTE: Paid Search and Display Advertising results vary based on many factors.)