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It's like having your own design and programming staff at your dealership!

Imagine having a room in the back of your dealership full of talented graphic designers and programmers, ready to bring your online vision to life! BluSolutions is flexible enough to meet any dealership's needs! While we do offer BluPrint websites at template prices, we have the flexibility to truly customize your website to be exactly what you want. Our dealers enjoy interacting directly with the programmers and designers completing the work as our staff creates newsletters, coupons, promotional materials and other miscellaneous web content on a monthly basis.

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Keep your marketing consistent and see results!

Not seeing good enough results from your marketing efforts? Maybe it's time to create synergy by sending a consistent message to each of your various marketing channels. When consumers get an email newsletter, see a TV commercial or read a newspaper ad with a specific promotion - they WILL go to your website to find more information. Will they find what they are looking for? Our most successful dealers understand the importance of marketing synergy and have our staff design newsletters, create home page banners, update coupons and make event landing pages......all with the same promotional marketing message each month.

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Here are some additional features to consider:

  • Create Marketing Synergy
  • Keep Content Fresh
  • Send Monthly Newsletters
  • Change Home Page Images
  • Update Site Banners
  • Create Event Landing Pages
  • Design New Coupons
  • and much more . . .