Dominate Search with SEO Micro Sites by BluSolutions

A Micro Site Package by BLUSOLUTIONS is a great way to take your SEO strategy to the next level! This hybrid product combines a niche focused SEO effort with a great inventory marketing solution. In addition to this powerful product promoting your main website's core domain in search, this suite of niche focused sites will show up well in organic search and will help drive incremental traffic to your dealership!

Dominate Page 1 with a Micro Site Package

Push the Competition to Page Two!

How do you eliminate the competition in search? Push them to page two! When it comes to "organic" or natural search results, this is only achievable when enough listings show up above your competitor to send them to page two. We refer to this effect as "heavy saturation" or even domination for a particular search result. Each of our Micro Site packages comes standard with an ongoing SEO effort, which over time results in multiple web assets showing up on the same search engine results pages (SERP).

Fill Niche Gaps in your SEO Presence

Our Micro Site Packages are designed specifically to attack niche gaps in your overall SEO presence. The first step in our production process is to have our SEO experts analyze data to determine what the top search opportunities are for your dealership. These niche gaps may be in searches related to specific vehicle models, competitor cities, service or finance departments, etc. In addition to promoting your micro sites in these niche search markets, we will also promote your core domain resulting in significant improvement in its rank for these niche search areas as well.

Micro Sites by BLUSOLUTIONS are a great addition to any search marketing strategy. These professional looking sites will help your dealership heavliy saturate search results and promote your core domain.

Here are some additional features to consider:

  • Hybrid Product (SEO + Inventory Marketing)
  • Promote Core Domain
  • Saturate & Dominate Search Markets
  • Segmented Inventory Display
  • Brand Consistent Design
  • Link Visitors to Main Site
  • 3 Full Service SEO Articles per Micro Site per Month
  • and many more . . .

(* NOTE: Search results vary based on frequency of inventory turnover, number of pages indexed by the search engines, and other factors.

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