What's NOT Important in Search

In case you missed the newsflash (from about 8 years ago) – Google no longer gives any weight whatsoever to the META Keywords on your website. The META description is not that important either (in terms of placement in search). Sure, these (among other) META SEO characteristics are still part of your website and should be maxed out as long as they are available, but the fact is that they are just not that impactful on search results. Unfortunately, most SEO providers still use this as their primary weapon.

What IS Important in Search

In 2011, SEOmoz assembled a team of 132 SEO experts from around the globe to come up with a list of the ten most important search engine ranking factors. The panel of SEO experts determined that there are two search engine ranking factors which carry more weight (42%) than any other factor. Click here to read their 2011 article.

What your SEO provider may be missing

Here is the part of this article which should peak your interest.  The top two most important factors have nothing to do with page content or META characteristics.  In fact, they have nothing to do with anything ON your website. Instead, the two most important factors completely depend on what the community has to say about your website.

Google gauges community interest by two factors:

  • The quantity and quality of EXTERNAL links which link visitors to the secondary pages of your website.
  • The quantity and quality of EXTERNAL links which link visitors to the primary page (homepage) of your website.

Click here to see how to make Google your best friend.