Step Three

Rule 1: No dealership dominates a market without at least 1000 quality external links
If you only get one thing out of our entire time together, let it be this rule. This is not our opinion, either. This is based on researching thousands of dealer websites and search engine optimization strategies. 
Food for thought: 132 of the world’s most renowned SEO experts gave quantity and quality of external links the number one and number two spots that account for 42% of a website’s traffic.The sad irony: 98% of all automotive SEO providers do NOT address these top 2 issues.
Pardon this brief, self-indulgent statement:BluSolutions uses these top two items as the core of its strategy. As a company, we would rather have one dealership (per geographical area) become completely dominant, than to have thousands of customers that get average results. This approach works for us, and it can benefit your dealership as well.
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