Connection Builder

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Capture and Retain More Customers with BluSolutions' Connection Builder!

Connection Builder is a hybrid optimization and search marketing campaign. It is designed to capture website visitors and keep them engaged with your dealership via permission based email opt-in and offering them exclusive member only offers, incentives, and savings.

Keep Customers Captivated with a Dedicated Email Campaign

VIP programs are a great way to increase the lifetime value of every customer! Keep your customer base coming back more often by offering service coupons, special event notifications and sales promotional information on a regular basis! Connection Builder by BluSolutions includes a full service permission based email marketing campaign.

Optimize your VIP Landing Page

Our team of SEO professionals will create, optimize and promote a VIP Landing Page for your dealership. Search Engine Optimization experts will "optimize" the META content of your VIP landing page including the Title, Description and Keyword tags. This product also comes with 8 full service, professionally written, relational content SEO articles per month. These keyword dense articles are link optimized and time released to multiple peripheral web assets which act as promotional mechanisms to optimize your new VIP Landing Page in search.

Connection Builder is a powerful hybrid product by BluSolutions which works as both a Search Engine Optimization tool for your website as well as a way to capture and retain more customers.

Also included with this product are:

  • 8 Full Service Relational SEO Content Articles per Month
  • Monthly Peripheral Web Asset Maintenance
  • A Dedicated VIP Email Campaign
  • Performance Metric Reporting
  • and many more . . .

(* NOTE: Search results vary based on frequency of inventory turnover, number of pages indexed by the search engines, and other factors.)